Kinda Altarbouch

CEO/Co-founder at Lableb







Kinda Altarbouch

CEO/Co-founder at Lableb

Kinda is a Co-founder & CEO at Lableb company which develops digital services and Arabic language technology products. Lableb is a search service platform that helps end-users reach what they are looking for and offer the right search results. Lableb Cloud Search is a search-as-a-service platform, built with mixed technologies with main components:

1. Text Analysis Module: It influences the search equation, and leads to matching the best results for a user query. Text Analysis includes tokenization, stemming, stopwords, and query expansion.

2. Lableb Synonyms Module expands matching results and helps users find what they are searching for using different terms.

3. Lableb Ranking Module gives clients a wide range of result customizations, and relevancy tuning for different search solutions like e-commerce, media publishing, and mobile.

These Modules work together to provide the best Arabic natural language processing to Lableb's clients with popular search features and the ability to customize it depending on their needs.