Shahd Attar

Managing Director ICT Sector, Ministry of Investment

Shahd Attar is a leading professional in the field of technology and telecommunications with 15 years’ experience. She is currently the Managing Director for ICT Sector Investment Attraction at the Ministry of Investment. She is responsible for developing the sector strategy and expand investments by reviewing regulations and economic incentives. Previously, she was a Principal Director responsible for developing the Digital practice for Accenture in Saudi Arabia. She has advised multiple clients based on her expertise in digital transformation, marketing analytics and communications. Shahd has also experience in in telecommunications working for Saudi Telecom Company as part of the Advanced Analytics Marketing team then as the Director of Government Affairs department. Prior to that, Shahd started her career working for Cisco, where she was responsible for Business Operations managing the operational growth from a 30 to 200 people and leading strategic planning for Saudi Arabia. Shahd is passionate about encouraging women in technology and is strong advocate and public speaker about the advancement of women in the workforce. As a local community organizer, she co-founded “CellA+”, a non-profit organization endorsed by the Minister of Labor as an initiative for solving women unemployment in the region. She is also an Eisenhower Fellow, where her fellowship focused on women economic enablement in Saudi Arabia. 

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