Razan Al Mubarak

Secretary General, Environment Agency

Al Mubarak serves as a board member of key Abu Dhabi environmental entities and committees, including the Environment Infrastructure Committee to the General Secretariat of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the Urban Planning Council, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation and the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.

She is also the Managing Director of the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with the WWF (EWS-WWF), and the Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund – one of the world’s largest foundations supporting conservation in over 200 countries. 

She is on the board of directors for the wild cat conservation society Panthera, the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, the Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy initiative (WiSER) and the Global Footprint Network.

She holds a Master’s degree in Public Understanding of Environmental Change from the University College London, UK and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and International Relations from Tufts University, USA.

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